Unique Habitat

Splendor and elegance can be lost in large landscapes, yet living here and looking more closely reveals a loveliness often unseen. These obscure features speak to Aldo Leopold’s lament that so many of us “live on the land, but not by the land.” 

Algerita berries or Lemonade bush


Phallus impudigas

Brown bear (Ursus Arctos) track

Clay soil used by Native Americans

Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinali)

Globemallow Leaf beetle (Calligrapha serpentina)


Montezuma Quail

Dung beetle

Soldier's Farewell Hill

Megetra cancellata or Blister beetle

Polypore fungus on an Oak tree

Sunburst Diving beetle & Gila topminnow

Velvet ant

Dove capture by Gopher snake in a Hackberry Tree

Walking Stick (Phasmatodea)

Unidentified Blue-eyed fly

Al O'Brien house

Fairy Shrimp